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Welcome to my first Silhouette Cameo project post.  I’ve had this idea rolling around in my mind for a LONG time and I finally decided to do something about it.  Years ago, my husband was given a few of these generic bar stools.  They were beat up and not very attractive, but we used them in our kitchen anyway.


See?  Kinda blah.  So after 10+ years of using them this way, I’d had enough.  You can see I have a high boring tolerance. LOL.

I saw a project photo on the Silhouette blog a couple of years ago or so and I knew that’s what I wanted to do.  Still, they sat in my kitchen in their despair.

So this summer I finally decided enough was too much and painted the tops with some spray paint I already had lying around. I also picked up a sample of paint from my local Lowes Home Improvement store.  I was hoping one sample would be enough to paint all three stools.  The color I chose was Valspar Lyndhurst Gallery Beige.  It’s from their National Trust for Historic Preservation line.  My walls are dark brown and I’m trying to incorporate a little more gray into my decor so I wanted a kind of light greige and this fit the bill perfectly!


Then they stayed in the garage to cure….for 3 months.  Do you see a pattern of my DIY projects here?  And now you can see why this is my first project post!

So for real this time, I had the bug to finish these things and put them back in their place of honor in my kitchen.  I cut out the peony pattern from the Silhouette Store.  You can use whatever vinyl you have on hand.  I inherited this hunter green so I used it.  Cut the pattern, pull off the excess vinyl and then place it on the stool seat like this: img_7577 img_7579


After you pull off the transfer tape (or in my case clear contact paper), it’s time to paint the stools.


Let your paint dry for about 30 minutes to an hour then carefully pull off the vinyl pieces.  I learned the hard way that if you pull off the paint too soon, you’ll mess up your final design.  It wasn’t too much of a big deal to me though because I wanted the final product to be rusted and distressed but if you want a crisp result, wait a bit before taking the vinyl off.

Okay, now here’s where I got excited and just went to town…..and didn’t take any more photos until the stools were completely done.  Oopsie. Sorry!

But I painted all of the stools, seat and legs, with the sample paint.  And yes, I had enough paint for all three stools with a little left over.  Yes!

After the paint dried overnight.  I sanded the seat with a sanding sponge.  Then I glazed them, legs and all, with Valspar Asphaltum glaze and then wiped it off immediately.  I didn’t want them to be too dark.  For the final step, I sprayed them a couple of times with a clear protective spray coat.



They turned out EXACTLY how I pictured them in my head!  The best!

And there they are.  Home at last:


I love my Silhouette Cameo! What projects have you done with yours?  I’d love to see!  Post a link to your projects in the comments section.

Thanks for joining me today!

Keep being crafty!

Rebecca 🙂


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